Amega Weapon Board Game


In the galaxy of Drakma, in the year of our Lord 2410 AD., roving pirates and thieves make their living through plundering the 12 planets within the Parax system of Drakma. However, mankind has ushered in a time of “civility”. As Star Warriors fight, ships are not destroyed as in the “Days of Old”; now ships are totally disabled, rendering them completely useless for thousands of years. The Parax system is ruled by the strongest. Only the brave venture into space with all of its associated hazards; the foremost being man. You, however, are one of those brave few who seek to rule. To do so, you know that you must use skill, cunning and guts to defeat those who would disable your ships. You also know there is the means to achieve this tremendous power and glory. That way is by building the most awesome weapon known to man: The Amega Weapon.

A list of great advantages to The Amega Weapon:

  • Quality inside as well as outside the box.
  • Four separate boards combine to make the complete game board with over 30,000 playing variations.
  • 2 to 6 players for maximum fun.
  • Play a short game or a long game — 30 minutes or 5 hours — whatever you want.
  • Play against each other or as teams, or play one on one.
  • Easy to understand Quick Start Procedures will have you playing in no time.
  • Rule Book aided by multiple illustrations, further reduces learning curve.
  • Future supplements to the original game so that up to 11 players can play on 8 boards.
  • Includes Kid’s Game for players ages 6 and up.
  • Player tested — a complete success and a great time!
  • Custom made pewter ships.

Warning: This is more than a game. This is the real thing. The Amega Weapon. It is not a flight of fancy, it is an experience.